Corporate Self-Booking Tool to Simplify Business Travel

Corporate travel is very common in today’s era because employees travel often to discuss and plan business strategies. Technology has widened the options for these travellers with a Corporate Self-booking Tool (CSBT) to simplify the entire booking process. Now, they have more control over trips and travel expense has reduced up to 30%. So, the companies can focus on their core business for better growth.

As corporate customers work in restrict time zones, they need to have the right booking system to plan their trip. They are provided with a dedicated login of the software with travel preferences, personal travel records and list of preferred suppliers. With this, they can create tailor-made travel packages from a bulk of inventory as per their convenience.

Corporate Booking System allows easy integration with the back-off system and controls everything from a single interface. Likewise, it generates an in-depth report to help customers with a better view of travel reservations and hence increase their level of control to manage travel policies. In a nutshell, you can leverage comprehensive Travel Software to offer a personalized experience to the consumers.

But, things are not confined here. There is a lot more a travel business can gain with a robust Corporate Self-Booking Tool.

Let’s read them:

  • The technology is constantly evolving and so as the travel. Now, the customers don’t want to stick to a booking tool with predefined content. Rather, they prefer diverse options of travel content to choose from as per their taste.
  • The intuitive workflow of CSBT solution enables a streamlined booking process. This creates an easy setup of travel policy and approval chain for travel managers.
  • CSBT curtails the travel expense as its cost is not dependent on the number of users.

Catching the Biggest Fish

In the captivating travel market, the buying power of millennial travellers has remarkably raised. It has been noticed that they became a large segment of the corporate travel sphere in the past few years. Travel agents can capitalize on this situation by serving these travellers with hotels and conference rooms for meetings.

Another prominent factor is the impact of mobile apps and social media among the millennial group. Being the most tech-savvy zone of people, these modern travellers prefer to book the tickets online. In such case, Travel agents can leverage the powerful booking engines to offer them with speed, precision, and flexibility.

Our Solution for Corporate Travelers

We make business travel easier with our Corporate Self-Booking Tool- CSBT. It is an efficient Travel Management Platform that provides a simplified booking process for business travel- right from the search to the final booking. The tool enables request of travel, approval, managing itineraries and generating invoices.

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