Fast, Secure, Reliable Managed Hosting for All Your Web Projects

Managed Hosting Services


For fast, reliable and secure database hosting services, visit TI Infotech’s website today. TI Infotech offers managed hosting service on Microsoft and Linux platforms.

TI Infotech’s hosting environment follows strict security standards and processes to help businesses work in a regulated manner. Managed hosting services offer better customizability according to individual business needs. Since different businesses have different requirements, they differ in the type of services to opt for. This is the main reason why in managed hosting, sometimes, businesses have to go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.

Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting for All Your Web Projects

If you’re looking for a reliable managed hosting service that’s fast, secure, and reliable, then look no further than our managed hosting services. We offer real time monitoring and backup solutions so that your data is always protected.

Our automatic failover and horizontal scalability make sure that your website can handle any load without downtime or slow performance. Our managed pay as you go, or reservation pricing options allow us to tailor an affordable rate based on the level of support required by your business. Finally, we have tie-up with global data center locations for better performance across all languages and regions of the world!

  • Reliable Managed Database Hosting Services

You can choose from a wide range of managed services, including automatic failover and horizontal scalability. Our database servers are monitored 24/7 by our team of experts, so you don’t have to worry about your site crashing due to an unplanned outage. With automatic failover and horizontal scalability, you can rest assured that your database will always be ready when needed—even if you’re offline or running multiple sites simultaneously on one server!

  • Real-time Database Monitoring and Backup Solutions

Real-time database monitoring and backup solutions are an important part of any web project. These services provide real-time monitoring of your database activity, allowing you to make quick decisions about how to improve performance and increase security.

The most popular solutions include:

  • Database Backup – Backup your database data in real time so it can be restored if something goes wrong with the server or network connection. This includes daily backups that are stored onsite for immediate access if needed, as well as nightly backups that are stored offsite for later retrieval in case of emergencies or power outages at remote locations where backups were previously stored (such as in a cloud service).
  • Disaster Recovery – The ability for administrators/owners of websites’ databases to restore their sites quickly after an outage occurs due either directly or indirectly caused by natural disasters such as fires or floods.


  • Automatic Failover and Horizontal Scalability

Automatic failover and horizontal scalability are two of the most important features of our hosting service.

When a primary server goes down, we will automatically switch to the standby server. This means that your site will continue to operate without interruption even during these times of crisis. In addition, if you need more servers!

  • Global Data Center Locations for Better Performance

For better performance, you should host your databases in a data center located near you. We have data centers in the United States and Europe, as well as Asia—so if you’re located outside of those locations, we can still provide high-quality service for your project.

  • Web, Mobile and IoT App Hosting in the Cloud

Web, mobile and IoT app hosting in the cloud is our specialty. We offer a range of services that include:

  • Web hosting
  • Mobile app hosting (iOS/Android)
  • IoT app hosting (connected devices)
  • Reseller Partner Program for Hosting Providers

When you have a managed database hosting service, you can scale up or down on demand. This allows your business to grow without having to worry about hardware and software costs. You can also easily add storage space as needed and migrate data from one system to another in seconds—without downtime or downtime fees.

It’s also easy for businesses of all sizes to get started with managed database hosting services because TI Infotech offers a simple pricing model that works for everyone.


The best way to get started with TI Infotech is to start by contacting TI Infotech Managed Hosting Sales Team. This will give you access to the tools and services that you need, so that you can build your site. You can also choose between pay-as-you-go or reservation pricing options depending on what works best for your business needs at any given time. In addition, each location comes with extensive global data center coverage which makes sure there are no slowdowns when accessing cloud resources from anywhere in the world!