The 2023 Guide to Choose the Best Business Travel Management Company

business travel management


A business travel management company is the key to putting together a successful trip. It can be difficult to find the best one, however, and that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll show you how to choose the right BTM so that your trips are seamless and stress-free.

Know your priorities.

As you begin to dig into the world of business travel management, it’s helpful to know what your priorities are and how much you can afford. Here are some things to consider: 

  • What are your business travel management needs? What do you want from the company? How much money do you have available for this service? How much time does this need take up in your schedule? 
  • How much money is available for any given project/project type (airfare, hotels and accommodations) and when will that money be spent (on which trip)? If there aren’t enough funds available at any point during a particular project, then this could lead into problems later on down the road—for example if someone needs an extra ticket or hotel room but doesn’t have enough cash on hand then they may have trouble getting approved by other parties involved in making those purchases happen.” 

Determine the travel volume of your company.

When choosing a business travel management company, you should consider the level of travel volume that your company is doing. The more trips and itineraries you have, the more features you will need in order to manage them efficiently. The cost of these additional features can be relatively high depending on how many people are working on them and how much time it takes for each employee to complete their work.

If there is high demand for your products or services, then it’s important to make sure that whatever system you choose has plenty of storage space so that no matter how busy your team gets during peak seasons (like summer), they won’t have trouble keeping up with orders from customers who want their orders fulfilled quickly!

Look at tools and features of the booking engine.

  • Look at the booking engine. The booking engine is a tool that allows you to create and manage your trips, as well as add them to a calendar. It also allows you to view available flights, hotels and rental cars that are available in your destination city. 
  • Look at payment gateway options: A good business travel management company should have an easy-to-use online checkout process for paying for all of their services (including flight tickets). If there are any issues with this payment system or if it doesn’t work properly after purchase, then this could be cause for concern about how trustworthy they really are as an organization offering these services!
  • Look at reporting tools: A great way of measuring how successful each trip has been through analytics reports provided by BTM companies who offer their own toolset so users can see how many people went on each trip over time – including repeat customers or new ones who haven’t used their services before.”

Find out if the travel management company offers consultancy services.

Many travel management companies offer consultancy services, which can help you choose the right travel management software and plan your business travel strategy. Consultancy services include assistance with identifying the best provider for your business, as well as determining what system is best suited to meet its needs. 

Understand the risk management and duty-of-care solutions offered by the business travel management firm.

The first step in choosing the right business travel management company is to understand the risk management and duty-of-care solutions offered by the business travel management firm. Duty of care refers to how well you manage your employees’ safety while traveling, and it includes things like making sure they are adequately insured, ensuring that their transportation is secure and punctual, providing them with emergency contact information in case of an unexpected event during their trip. In addition to this basic knowledge about duties of care, it’s important for you as an employer to know what risks your employees may face on a daily basis when traveling internationally or domestically within their country’s borders. You should also be aware of any legal implications related specifically towards international business travel such as customs regulations or visas required by particular countries where your staff will be working outsource work overseas; this information can give insight into whether there would be any additional costs associated with bringing these individuals back home after completing their assignment abroad so they could eventually return safely once again without incident.”

Choose the best business travel system for your company.

Choosing the best business travel management system for your company can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the industry or just starting out. There are many factors to consider when choosing a B2B travel management software company: 

  • Which type of business traveler do you want to attract? Are they team players who will appreciate having everything organized and ready for them in one place? Or are they independent agents who prefer flexibility over uniformity at all times?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on this project? If it’s something that won’t require much maintenance once it’s up and running, then don’t waste any more time looking at price tags—you’ll end up paying more than necessary anyway!
  • Do different departments need accesses or permissions within each other’s account? If so, then make sure those permissions aren’t limited only by departmental lines; otherwise, someone may accidentally delete something vital from another user’s profile (or vice versa).


These tips should help you decide which business travel management company is right for your company. If you need more information about the various options available, please reach out to us at We’d be happy to help!