TI Infotech’s Destination Management Software reshapes the way you deliver Travel services to clients

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Destination management companies (DMCs) are a type of travel and tourism organization that is responsible for managing the entire process of delivering services to clients. DMCs can be either stand-alone organizations or part of larger travel agencies. They manage all aspects of a client’s trip to a particular destination, including everything from hotel reservations and special events, to transport and on-ground logistics. These days, there are many ways through which you can deliver these comprehensive services smoothly and efficiently:

One such business, which has been growing over the past few decades, is that of Destination Management. This service provides an integrated approach to the planning and execution of travel itineraries by providing brokerage services to clients in their most important operating center or hub city. 

Destination management Software companies provide a wide variety of travel products including air tickets, hotel accommodations and car rentals (as well as pre-planning assistance). The services offered range from simple airfare searches to full-service itineraries that include all aspects related to transportation (from ground transportation at airports through car rental), accommodation, meals and entertainment options within one package price. 

For example: if you want your client booked onto a flight from New York City Airport into JFK International Airport then you can use our booking tool which will allow them access multiple options based on desired destination(s) location(s) departure times etc.; once they select those packages, we further help them customize them so that he/she gets exactly what he/she wants at the best possible price point possible!

Destination management companies (DMCs) can be either stand-alone organizations or part of a larger travel agency. They offer their clients a wide range of services, including destination planning, itinerary creation and booking, hospitality management, marketing advice and more. DMCs are also responsible for managing the logistical aspects of a client’s journey from start to finish – from flight booking through to hotel reservation and onward transport arrangements. 

The reason why these agencies have become so popular is simple: they provide an end-to-end experience that makes it easier for travelers to enjoy their trips while they are on them. DMCs manage all aspects of a client’s trip to a particular destination. This includes everything from hotel reservations and special events, to transport and on-ground logistics. 

A Destination Management Company (DMC) is a business that provides travel management services, including: 

  • Hotel reservations 
  • Special events and entertainment booking 
  • Transport arrangements and logistics 

Destination management software (DMS) is a unique type of software that helps you deliver these comprehensive services smoothly and efficiently. It’s not just a booking system, it’s a complete solution for managing destinations.

The primary role of your DMS is to help manage everything from travel to on-ground logistics, including: 

  • Booking flights and hotels.
  • Mapping out itineraries, including visa requirements and local customs regulations.
  • Managing all customs clearance processes at the airport or border crossing point so that passengers can enter their destination safely.

It allows you to offer travel agents booking portals where they can make reservations for their clients directly, simplifying the entire process. 

The time spent on booking is reduced by up to 80% and it also reduces costs associated with cancellations, refunds, customer service and more. 

Leading travel agents around the world are already benefiting from using powerful DMS like TI Infotech’s TRAVEL ASSIST application platform. 

TRAVEL ASSIST is a cloud-based destination management software that allows you to manage your business more efficiently. The TRAVEL ASSIST platform can be used by travel agents to make reservations for their clients and also help them find the best deals on hotels, flights and other services.

The business owner can create itineraries for their customers based on their preferences and requirements, then send those itineraries out to all of their agents around the world in real time so they know what will work best for each individual client. This allows leaders like yourself to focus on growing your own company instead of managing others’ needs from afar! 

DMS from TI Infotech enables DMCs to transform into modern and scalable Destination Management organizations that build better customer relationships. 

DMS from TI Infotech helps DMCs to deliver world-class travel services to their clients. With the use of this software, your company will be able to provide a superior experience for each client who visits your country or region. The features offered by this software include: 

  • An easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for users to customize their reports according to their needs; 
  • A powerful search engine with advanced customization options such as geographical region or destination type; 
  • Integration with other systems like booking engines so you can receive real-time notifications on any changes made on these platforms (e.g., flight delays). 


In short, Destination management software from TI Infotech is a unique type of application that allows DMCs to transform into modern and scalable Destination Management organizations that build better customer relationships.