Tour Management Software for Tour Operators and DMCs

With time, each business vertical is changing at a rapid pace. Especially in the tour industry, this momentum is comparatively higher. Sensing the same, businesses are opting Tour Management Software to manage the entire tour cycle, automate business processes and in turn increase the sales. The operations staff are now moving from file-handling to client-handling due to the impact of automation.

The biggest advantage of using a Travel Software is to increase the efficiency of your business while minimizing manual efforts. Gone are the days when you need to update any information in a spreadsheet and adjust the same changes in all your records. With Tour Software, it is easy now to cancel or reschedule a tour and convey the information to the staff as well as customers.

The Software is flexible to permit changes to the component structure with key advantages like easy implementation, low maintenance, quick accessibility, and scalability. It easily generates Performa Invoices, Vouchers, and Receipts along with MIS Reporting and Accounting Module.

Precisely, Travel Management Software allows:

  • All inventory within a centralized system
  • Managing the entire sales process
  • Sales automation to improve efficiency.
  • Flexibility to create own package from the available inventory.
  • Group bookings with a personalized trip plan
  • Complete documentation from inquiry to itinerary generation
  • Insightful reports to track performance
  • Maker-checker tool for approval at each stage
  • Digital documentation

In today’s tech-savvy travel domain, people demand a variety of content to plan their trip. Creating custom itineraries and managing the same now becomes convenient with the right tour software.

Managing Itinerary- An Easy Go

Tour Operator Software contains Master data for Vendors and Customers for business operations like Guides, Activities, Transport, Hotels, and Sightseeing. It allows easily creating tailor-made packages from the inventory and distribute them across resellers and distributors.

The software helps quickly create an itinerary within the system to make relevant data centralized and easily accessible. This results in speeding up the entire business process. Notably, the template can be changed as per the respective update. So, amendment of any item will automatically do recalculations to reflect the same changes across the overall system.

The travel packages can be made via custom templates for a faster sales process. Here, there is no need to select the itinerary items manually and insert them one by one. Instead, you can create a template with the specified details (like for say, a 4-day trip for a family of 3 members with few activities).

Our Solution- Travel Assist

Tour Management Software by us, called Travel Assist, is specifically designed for DMCs and Tour Operators. It is a comprehensive tool to manage the entire tour cycle from inquiry to itinerary generation. The software handles a wide range of business operations for Destination Management, Tour Management, Excursion Management, Fleet Management, MICE Solution and Financial Accounting.