What is Hotel Booking System? What are the Types, Functionality, and Integrations?

hotel booking system


The booking engine is the most important component of a hotel’s website. It can be used to find rooms, make reservations, manage inventory and sales, and so much more. In this article we’ll discuss what a hotel booking system is and how it helps hotels grow their businesses by streamlining operations. 

What Is Hotel Booking System?

A hotel booking system is a software application that allows guests to book rooms online. It is used by hotels and other hospitality providers to manage their online reservations. Hotel booking systems can be either software-as-a-service (SaaS) or hosted on premises, where the management functions are provided by the organization’s IT department rather than an external provider such as a web hosting company. 

The most common types of hotel booking systems include:* Online Reservation System: This type of reservation system allows users to make reservations through an internet connection.* Online Check-In/Checkout: This type of system involves establishing check-in and checkout times at specific times each day so that customers don’t have long wait times while they’re checking out at night 

Types of Hotel Booking Systems

There are several types of hotel booking systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief explanation: 

  • Online Hotel Booking System: An online hotel booking system is a tool that allows you to customize your experience by providing you with all the information about a property before even stepping foot in it. You can use this tool for research purposes or simply as an automated way for checking availability at different hotels around the world (e.g., comparing prices). This type of software also allows you to view reservations from other users who have made similar reservations in the past so that there will be no surprises when looking at prices or reviews about their stay at these properties later on down line!

Functionality of a Hotel Booking System

It is important to choose an online booking engine that has a user-friendly interface, modern design and good reputation. It should also be easy to use and affordable. 


Integrations are the most important part of any booking system. They allow you to connect your hotel booking software with other third-party services, such as payment processors and social media platforms. These integrations can be used to take payments directly through a payment processor (like Stripe) or integrate with social media channels like Facebook, Google Ads/AdWords etc., which allows hoteliers to increase their reach and visibility online. Some integration options include: 

  • Payment Processor Integration – This allows you to accept payments from external sources using their own platform rather than having one built in into your own internal system. This makes it easier for customers who don’t have access to online banking facilities due lack of internet connection when travelling internationally etc., since they won’t need an account number or password set up at all! It also allows businesses across borders without restrictions from different jurisdictions when working with foreign clients who may not necessarily trust local banks either due lack thereof available funding options available locally within country itself (which could mean high fees).

Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Website with the Right Booking System 

  • Booking systems are the most important part of your hotel website. 
  • They help you get more bookings, which in turn allows you to increase revenue and profitability. 
  • A booking system is the first thing that will be seen when someone arrives on your site, so it’s critical that you choose one that makes sense for your business model, brand identity and goals as a company. 

There are many parts to a hotel’s website, but one of the most important is the booking engine. 

The booking engine is a tool that allows users to search for and book hotels, flights and vacation packages. It’s the central hub for all aspects of the hotel’s website. 


Hotel booking systems are one of the most important parts of a hotel’s website, but they can be difficult to find. We’ve made it easier to find the perfect booking system for your business with our extensive list of options and guides.